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Dropbox Business

Core features Core features

Dropbox desktop app

A single place to bring files and cloud content together from your desktop

Best-in-class sync technology

Keeps content synchronized and up-to-date

Easy and secure sharing

Promotes collaboration

Anytime, anywhere access

Lets users see files on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices

256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption

Industry-standard encryption to protect all your data


Dropbox Business allows you to collaborate without limits

2 GB
2 TB
3 TB
5 TB
5 TB+
5 TB+

Advanced data protection

GDPR compliance

Dropbox meets GDPR requirements across all of its services, including Dropbox Basic, Plus, Professional, and Business

Password protected and expiring shared links

Makes sure your data is not floating around outside the company

Remote device wipe

Quickly removes individual access for easy off-boarding

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

Add an extra layer of protection to your Dropbox account

Granular permissions

Control who can invite people to a shared folder, and what the invitee can access

Shared link controls

Decide who can see the contents of the link, and what they can do with the link

Data Governance*

Better control and secure your data, while reducing risks and costs associated with meeting regulatory and compliance needs (includes: EVH, data retention, legal holds, and data disposition capabilities)
*The products or features described above may not be released yet, so the timing and exact functionality may change from what’s shared here. The decision to purchase our services should be made based on features that are currently available. Additional licenses required.

10-year Extended Version History (EVH)*

Ability to preserve and export files a user has created or edited, going back 10 years, in case of litigation  
*Additional license required

Advanced sharing permissions, including disable downloads

Lets admins know who is sharing data and helps keep it safe

Account transfer tool

Minimize interruptions to your team’s workflow by transferring a deleted user’s data to another team member

Enables HIPAA compliance

Dropbox and Dropbox Paper can now be used as part of your HIPAA/HITECH compliance strategy

APJ data centers

Store customer data hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud in Australia and Japan

EU data centers

EU customers with data residency requirements can opt-in to store their block data in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Germany Zone

Advanced Team & Content Controls*

Customized security capabilities to help you efficiently and securely manage your Dropbox deployment (powered by BetterCloud)
*Additional licenses required

Device approvals

Limit team members to one Dropbox account per computer

Enterprise mobility management (EMM)

Gain more control over how members use the Dropbox mobile apps

Version history and file recovery

Tracks and protects your work from loss

30 days
30 days
180 days
180 days
180 days
180 days

Dropbox Rewind*

Undo and recover changes made to your files and folders
*180 days is standard, unless you have 10-year Extended Version History (EVH)

30 days
180 days
180 days*
180 days*
180 days*

Advanced collaboration and productivity tools

File previews

Preview files (like AutoCAD) in high fidelity, right from your desktop, even if you don’t have the source application installed

Starred files and folders

Access starred files and folders

Search across overviews

See overviews appear within search results if the keyword is in the overview

Details pane

View a details pane to see a thumbnail preview of your file and see basic metadata, like when the file was last updated

Content suggestions

Get intelligence-based recommended files and folders based on your activity

Calendar integration

Attach meeting files, along with intelligence-based meeting attachment suggestions and access to meeting note templates

Team highlights

Show the most relevant activity happening with your team

Create and view overview

Create and view overview (descriptions, pinnings, to-dos, and @mentions) 

Overview notifications

Get notifications when overviews are updated


Create, view, and resolve comments on traditional files

Dropbox eSignature*

An auditable, enterprise-grade way to request signatures and sign your most important business agreements (powered by HelloSign)
*Additional licenses required

Recent activity view

Access a folder-level recent activity view so you can see the latest comments and activity, right alongside your work

Apps for your file 

See the top 3 most-relevant apps to your file, along with actions you can take on that app (admins can disable, if desired)


Add Dropbox content to a Trello Card, and preview Dropbox files directly in Trello (integration must be enabled for companies with 500+ users before they can connect to Trello)

Dropbox Transfer

Quickly and securely send large files to anyone with Dropbox Transfer


Cloud-based content and files

Easily create, centralize, organize, and share all your content, without going back and forth between browser tabs and your desktop apps; you’ll have one clear place to get to the work you need

Slack integration

Share files and message people and channels in Slack directly from Dropbox

Zoom integration

Join Zoom meetings directly from Dropbox, save meeting transcripts and recordings to Dropbox, and allow for feedback with time-based comments

Microsoft Office 365 integration

Mobile and web integrations enable employees to access, edit, and share their Microsoft Office files in Dropbox anytime, on any device

Dropbox for Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides)

Create, organize, and share Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly from Dropbox

Dropbox Paper

Makes it easy to create content and start projects

Plus button

Scan documents, create new Microsoft Office files, and create text files directly from the mobile app

Access files offline

Saves hard drive space while maintaining version control over files in the cloud

Image search

Search for images based on the content within the image, regardless of whether the keyword is in the file name


Watermark your files directly in your Dropbox


Right-click and choose to a lock a file in a shared or team folder from Finder/Explorer

Time-based comments

Add time stamps to your comments so others can jump to the exact second you’re referring to

Viewer info

See who has viewed your files and when

Creative Tools*

Enables teams to manage their large professional media files more easily, no matter what industry they are in (includes: large file previews, large file transfers, frame-accurate commenting, audio track selection, download quality options, metadata)
*Additional licenses required

restricted Access Control Lists (rACLs)

Users on all versions of Dropbox Business can now create folders that have a more limited audience than their containing folders

Dropbox Badge

See who is viewing or editing a Microsoft Office file from your desktop

Team folder

Manage enterprise content in a central place

Powerful administrative tools Powerful administrative tools

Computer backup for teams

Automatically backup your Mac or PC desktop, documents, and downloads folders to Dropbox, securely access them on the go, and easily retrieve them even if hardware fails or is lost

Unlimited API access to productivity platform partners

Integrate Dropbox into critical business workflows

Branded sharing/traffic and insights

Share deliverables in a professional, customized experience (add a brand name, logo, and customizable background image to all links shared outside of your team); gain visibility into your deliverables by easily tracking views and downloads on any files that you share

Cloud FastPath Data Migration*

Quickly migrate files and associated permissions from on-premise file servers and existing cloud storage solutions to Dropbox Business
*Feature available for an additional cost

Cloud FastPath Professional Services QuickStart*

Access professional support from Clout FastPath focused on initial setup, configuration, and general migration training
*Optional feature to the Cloud FastPath Data Migration add-on for an additional cost

Activity page and quick actions

Easily search, filter, and report on Dropbox usage, and leverage shortcuts to easily execute remediation actions

Multi-team admin

Use a single log-in from which to manage multiple Dropbox accounts within an organization

Admin console

Secure your company data with easy-to-use admin tools

Centralized billing

Streamline billing and never leave licenses on the shelf

Company-managed groups

Organize your teams into groups at the admin level

Unlimited API access to security platform partners

Keep your team authenticated with an external identity provider like Active Directory

External Sharing Reports

Provides a clear understanding of how your data is shared outside your company

Approved domains

Configure which domains your team can use to share data

Auto-accepted licenses

After verifying a domain, automatically activate users as they are invited

Member transfer

Allow admins with multi-team access to move members, groups, and content from one instance to another; enables team split

Overview audit logging

Admins can view when team members edit or pin items to overviews

Tiered admin roles

Designate other admins as team, user management, or support admins

Sign in as user

Keep a project moving while team members are away from the office

Audit logs with file event tracking

Investigate and troubleshoot problems, such as accidental file deletions, misplaced files or folders, or information security audits

Single sign-on (SSO) integrations

Reinforce security by providing users a single platform to access Dropbox and all of your cloud applications, eliminating the need for additional passwords or credentials

Invite enforcement

Ensure company data is stored on the team Dropbox and not personal accounts

Data Classification

Keep your company data safe by properly classifying sensitive data within Dropbox

Alerts and Notifications

Provides automated detection of anomalous security-related events

Enterprise console

Get visibility and control for easy management of all Dropbox teams within an organization, in a single place

Domain insights and account capture

Prevent unauthorized Dropbox usage on a company domain

Network control

Manage which Dropbox accounts can be used on your corporate network

Sponsored storage

Eliminate quota impact when content is shared with a Basic/Plus/Pro user


Priority email support

Get your questions answered quickly by our team of product experts

Live chat support

Troubleshoot an issue with a real person

Premium Support*

Access 24/7 support, proactive guidance, and faster support and updates
*Additional license required for Standard & Advanced

24-hour phone support

Receive live assistance on your technical needs

24/5 (M-F)
24/5 (M-F)
24/7 (English)

Advanced training for end users and admins

Save time and money for deployment with 1:1 activation support